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About Pooch Palace

Affordable Cage-Free Dog Boarding and Day Care

At Pooch Palace, our priority is the safety, comfort and joy of your special pooch.  We care for your special family member as if they were a part of our own family. We truly love every one of our Palace dogs and each of their unique personalities. We strive to make sure your pooch is comfortable providing couches with blankets (washed daily) and other areas to rest, fresh water throughout the day, access to the outdoors all day long with 2 outdoor play areas, along with playground climbing and other play toys. We also have 8 indoor play areas! You can be sure your pooch will never be bored sitting in a kennel!  


Pooch Palace was the first cage-free dog day care and boarding facility in the area- We've been serving special family pooches since 2008!  We truly care and we know your doggies feel and see our love each time they arrive! We are as excited to see them as they are to see us! What a great feeling to see these beautiful loving animals running to meet and play with all their friends- it's the best part of what we do- bringing joy and happiness to the dogs that give love to all of us every day!


Our team has years of experience in providing a safe and comfortable environment for dogs of all breeds and sizes. We offer supervised, interactive day care for those pups who need a little extra attention during the day.


Our professional grooming services ensure that your dog always looks and feels their best. And don't forget to check out our front lobby area where we offer homemade cookies that your dog will love!

Meet The Pooch Palace Team

Toni Chris & son Carter, Pooch Palaces Managers

Toni,Chris &Carter

Managers, Toni & Chris

At Pooch Palace we totally get that picking the right caretaker for your furry family member is like finding the perfect treat. The friendly faces you and your pup high-five on your first day will be the same ones giving belly rubs on day 365. Our super-dedicated leaders, Toni (since 2012) and Chris (since 2017), along with their dog-loving son Carter, are like the "paw-some" parents of our facility. They've mastered the art of creating a tail-wagging, "home away from home" vibe. Your pup (and you) will practically be family by the time you leave!

Dog Paw Prints Pooch Palace
Family Photo, Family Owned Pooch Palace Dog Day Care, Cage-Free Boarding

Mitch, Miranda, Braydon & Belle

Family Photo, Family Owned Pooch Palace Dog Day Care, Cage-Free Boarding

Owner Mitch DiMauro 

Mitch DiMauro is the proud owner of Pooch Palace. The business is truly a family affair, involving his wife Miranda of 13 years, his son Brayden, his energetic fur baby Belle (nicknamed Doodle), and we can't forget to mention Ursula, the feline royalty of the family.


Born and raised in Hudson, Ohio, Mitch developed a profound affection for animals, particularly dogs. When Mitch isn't fully engaged in dog mode or embarking on outdoor adventures, he can be found enjoying football or immersing himself in the great outdoors alongside his loved ones and loyal four-legged companion.

Dogs have undeniably formed the heart and soul of Mitch's journey for as long as he can recollect. Each day, he looks forward to meeting and greeting new furry friends.


The incredible support shown for their small local business is a gift they truly treasure. Unlike some kennels and large franchise facilities where dogs are just a number, at Pooch Palace every dog becomes part of the Palace family!


The Pooch Palace team is brimming with excitement each new day with the thought of embracing new furry companions into their family. Mitch and his crew guarantee a 'tail-wagging good time!'

Dog Paw Prints Pooch Palace
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