Affordable Luxury
Quality services that fit your budget. 
Day Care and Cage Free Boarding
Dog Grooming
​Professional, full service grooming services.  
Home-Like Setting
Your dogs will feel loved, happy and will have lots of fun.
Safe and fun environment for dogs.
Cage Free Dog Day Care
We are happy to offer our surrounding communities with cage free dog day care. Pooch Palace is an all inclusive doggy day care and overnight boarding facility. After coming for the initial free day trial, dogs can come for day care without reservations. 
Two Dogs Playing Outside
  • 6,000 square feet of play area
  • 8 separate indoor play areas
  • 2 separate outdoor play areas
  • Ceiling fans, skylights, toys, huge windows
  • Overhanging roof on outside play area to keep dry
  • Indoor / outdoor access all day
  • Dogs are separated by size and temperament
  • All day play but couches are available for doggies who want to nap
  • No additional charges for medications
  • All doggies get homemade treats and very special care
Two Dogs Rolling Around Outside
Day Care Fees

$23 / day or buy package - discounted rates listed below
Half day fees (5 hours or less) $15
Discounted rate for multiple dogs - $14 each additional dog
Package Rates

5 visits $110 ($22 / day)
10 visits $210 ($21 / day)
20 visits $400 ($20 / day)

Package Rates Multiple Dogs

5 visits $175   ($22 + $13 = $35 / day)
10 visits $330 ($21 + $12 = $33 / day)
20 visits $620 ($20 + $11 = $31 / day)

Application Agreement
Because not all dogs play well with others, the Pooch Palace also offers private suites with individual playtime to address the needs of guests who are elderly, injured or just not very sociable.
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Northfield Center, OH 44067

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